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Patreon Cancelled + Moved to California!

Gravatar Posted 02:05
Wed 16 July
by oliveorange

Shoot, hey guys! So I've moved across the country now and am in Cali! My kitty slept the whole time during the flight-- I was bored, and I think the waifu was watching Miyazaki movies the whole time. Cx
But I also wanted to update you guys on the comic! So again, I don't really have a solid word on when the next page is coming out. I wanted to build a backlog so that I can update on a steady schedule, but I don't want to bother the waifu about it. So-- I'm kinda up in the air on what to do. ;____;
The best I can do for the time being is like... quietly stare at the waifu while I work on this intermission comic. It doesn't fit anywhere specifically on the timeline, but it does provide background on how Nagi usually works-- without all his creepy perversion stuff. That's for our nsfw blog. ;3

I'll update you on Saturday about what's going on. I really hope to get back to work on the comic. ;___; ;;

Also, I've canceled the Patreon campaign. I don't feel as though I deserve to have it open. <:C
Mostly because I haven't really produced as much, advertising was super hard to do alone, people were iffy about patreon as a platform and thus unwilling to chip in, all that good stuff. But it's all good!

It's all good. ;w;

*crawls into bed*

Getting help!

Gravatar Posted 18:20
Sun 08 June
by oliveorange

Gh-- I don't wanna jinx it.*knocks on wood*
I'm back to working on the project, but I'm also working on a fan comic to hopefully extend my reach. My waifu, being the sweet heart she is, is helping me get the next pages of Rose for Shurinai together. I'm pretty excited about this and hope that we can finish Chapter 5 for you guys. ;w; *knocks on wood again*

Project on Hold.

Gravatar Posted 15:28
Wed 30 April
by oliveorange

Because of a bit of a financial crisis, I will be putting all my time and resources into commissions.
With that being said, all TwistedFates related projects will be on hold until further notice. This includes but is not limited to:

>Room 301 (indie RPG)
>Rose for Shurinai (webcomic)
>.introspection. (previously melancholy, second TwistedFates Novel)
>Megaman X: Hybrid (crossover I was working on)
>ethereal magazine (might be... lighter in content..? ; Patreon campaign magazine)
>Tewwy Hunt Game

So sorry for the inconvenience guys.. I was already fucked and I fucked myself even harder, and now I've gotta make up for it.
If you wish to contact me, my deviantART is

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