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Ides of March- Update!

Gravatar Posted 13:53
Sat 15 March
by oliveorange

As promised, I'm back to give you guys an update of what's been going on.
I've started working on Terry's new designs, and have also gotten the new character, Yinchta planned out. Yin appears at the end of the chapter.
I also managed to get a new guest artist, as my friend Mel has gone MIA and I still can't get in touch with her. I really hope she's doing ok.

When Emma (the new guest artist) gets a nice back log going, RfS will be updating once a week, on Fridays. Of course, this site will get updates early, on Thursdays.

But for now, it's my weekend, so I'm gonna take it easy (and perhaps doodle more things for people-- nauuughty things)!
Stay cool guys; I should be able to update you in about two weeks as to how far the development's gone. <3


Gravatar Posted 14:21
Sat 08 March
by oliveorange

Hey guys, I'm on my weekend, but I should have already updated this. I've been gone for a while and haven't even been updating the news at least, and for that I'm sorry. What was supposed to happen was I'd start Chapter 5 after getting in touch with my guest artist. Unfortunately, she's been MIA, and I haven't really been able to contact her in almost a month. Last I heard, her step brother was being a douchebag and cutting off her internet.

So starting on the Ides of March (in a week), I'll be picking back up on writing the TwistedFates novel and seeking another guest artist, if I can't get in touch with Mel. Lately, I've been trying to find ways to make money to help pay my cat's vet bill-- it's costing us hundreds and I have little to no income after paying bills. So with that, I've been making adoptables-- mostly Phantoms-- in order to try to rouse interest. I really wanna finish .melancholy. so that I can patch up the transition from the first novel to this comic. Until the Ides of March, I'll be working on the adoptables, and the TwistedFates RPG, Room 301 ( ).

I'll update you guys next Saturday, even if it turns out I need to seek a new artist. For now, I'm going to relax till around Monday and get back to work! I forgot to leave my email in case you guys wanted to contact me:

Scripting Chapter 5!

Gravatar Posted 21:22
Sun 13 October
by oliveorange

Hey there guys, it's been a while! I'm currently planning and scripting Chapter 5 of Rose for Shurinai; I'm hoping to finish scripting and start sketching pages before the week is out. C:
Finally, there will be a character finally introduced into the series (who I've already established a role for). I'm also debating on how to drop the hint that Luke's the White Dragon. For anyone who doesn't know, it was briefly touched on in the first book that Dragoon, the ruthless assassin, was the Jade Dragon. It's not a major plot point or anything, so I might just leave it out. :)
I think that's it for now... talk to you guys later!

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